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We emerged in 2014 when a group of individuals came together to respond to the Connecting for Life strategy in the Republic of Ireland and the introduction of the Flourish Initiative in Northern Ireland.  Since then, operating mainly from resources garnered through community commitment and fundraising,


ALPS has established itself as an organisation that responds to well-being, awareness raising, training and development and the therapeutic service provision needs of individuals, families, schools and communities. 


Since its inception ALPS has engaged with over 100,000 individuals in communities throughout the country.

Our Vision

We are an ambitious organisation that works with individuals, families, communities and organisations to make that difference to their mental health.


Our Mission

We will make that difference by delivering a suite of high-quality training, development, prevention and intervention programmes and services that support individuals and communities to improve their understanding, awareness and experience of mental health.

Our Values

As we strive to make that difference  are driven by our core values of


ALPS would not exist if it were not for the ambition of our people, service users, fundraisers and champions to improving mental health.  We are committed to maintaining our ambition to make that difference through ongoing and structured engagement with community fundraisers, statutory agencies, government departments and private sector organisations who can provide us with the sustainable resources to embed our organisation in the mental health landscape throughout the island of Ireland.



No one’s identity should impact on their right to receive the right service, at the right time. At ALPS we are committed to working with individuals, families, communities and organisations regardless of age, ability, gender, race/ethnicity, political or religious affiliation.



Where you live, work or play should not inform your accessibility to the right service, at the right time.  At ALPS we will continue to ensure that our prevention and intervention services are available throughout Northern Ireland and will continue to seek resources to focus support into our rural communities.


Responsiveness, Resourcefulness and Resilience

At ALPS we will continue to be informed by the resourcefulness and resilience of individuals, families and communities impacted by mental ill-health.  With this in mind, we will remain consistent in our commitment to seeking resources and developing services which are in a position to make that difference.

Who is ALPS

Ray Cullen 


Operations Manager 

Ronan Gilchrist


Alannah Duffy

Catherine Mc Keown

Catriona Mulligan

Christina Carey 

Frank Diamond

Geard Doyle

Joe Diver 

Linda Hughes

Nora Murray

Rory Cunningham         

Sabrina Mullan

Selina Casey 

Our Board

Peter Cunliffe

Bronagh Reid 

Roisin Hampton

Eammon Mc Grath

Ronan Gilchrist


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