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All Lives Are Precious Ltd

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Downpatrick, BT30 9UP 

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About us

The idea was created in 2014 following the Introduction of the Connecting for Life Strategy in the Republic of Ireland and the Introduction of the Flourish Initiative in Northern Ireland. Both these documents challenged all statutory and non-statutory bodies to develop strategies on the best way of offering support to the community around Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention.

As an organisation, ALPS has spent considerable time establishing the current provisions, identifying the gaps and embarked on a journey to develop an organisation that can meet the needs of the whole community. The overall objective is to reduce suicide and the rates of Mental Illnesses within the community, but we can only do this by making the community aware of the implications, stresses and triggers daily life can have on a person’s mental health.

All Lives are Precious grew from humble beginnings and as well as the services named above we strive to meet the needs of the community and are equipped to offer further services as of when required. We continue to grow with the demand of the community and although it is our aim that in the future our services will not be required, but we will be here as of when required.

In early 2018 we developed our service Island wide and dropped the NI from ALPS. We have continued to grow since our early development sitting in an office as two friends. 

We operate in Ireland, North and South, and now have office premises in Downpatrick, Portglenone, Maghaberry Prison and Ballymena.

From 2017 to present, we have engaged with over 10,000 members of the community in our project and activities and continue to grow on this daily.

The Vision of our Organisation:


All Lives are Precious  is a provider of specific front-line services of excellence in terms of Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention in a society where the distinct ethnicity, identity and experience of everyone in the community is acknowledged, celebrated and respected. 

Our Mission is:

Our Mission is:

To provide a range of specific front-line services and supports to, with and for individuals, families, communities and organisations to enhance choices with care and integrity.

Founding members:

Ronan Gilchrist
Paul Moore