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alps creates opportunities in belfast

For the first time ALPs was able to accommodate access to counselling for members of the community from Belfast actually in Belfast.

For a while now we have been working with the community in Belfast but they were having to travel to our offices to access this service, but now we have a facility in Belfast City Centre to accommodate them.

We owe the creation of this expanded service to a lot of people who for several weeks have assisted us to bring full access to Counselling to the community in Belfast. We wish to give a huge thanks to Think People Consultancy and their staff team who have kindly allowed us access to their offices in the city to provide access to this service.

In particular though we wish to thank Emer Hinphey (partner/director of Think People) for all she did to help us and make this a reality.

Moving forward we will hold a series of meetings with interested parties and hope to continue to expand access to this service, making counselling further accessible to those that request it through ourselves.

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