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ALPS Strips

We now have a strip

This week we received these pictures from MFC and we just love them, our very own strip for the ALPS Master team for our big game on July 24th.

MFC have designed and made this for us for free, and not only that they have donated the whole team kit of 26 shirts, shorts and socks for this game for free.

We are truly indebted to MFC for all of their support and are humbled by their very kind gesture to ourselves.

This strip is for the masters game but MFC are currently designing a series of ALPS jerseys that will be available to order in the next few weeks to anyone that wants one.

Our big day out is 4 weeks today and we cant wait, the team has all but been confirmed and we await with bated breath to tell you all the line up in the coming days,

Once again thank you to MFC for what they have done to assist us , top company and please if you ever need a team strip or club gear make sure to give them a shout.

Tickets have been going like hotcakes the last few days so to ensure you can obtain one buy them here via

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