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Another Milestone Achieved

In March we reached another significant milestone when our community on Facebook passed 7250 page likes, in addition to this we now have over 7400 following our work and our website has been viewed over 400 times in one week.These are figures we could never have imagined all them years ago when we where starting out in this journey. Our community is expanding every single day, not only in numbers but also in reach.

Things have not always been plain sailing here at ALPs, we have had and continue to have our ups and downs and have not always got it right either, but our vision from the beginning was very simple, it was always just to help people and to build a community that can help themselves, so when we see the amount of people who support our work/use our services we know we are doing something right and are driven forward no end.

We thank every single person who supports us, without you all behind us nothing we do could ever be possible.

We have a very exciting announcement coming soon about our future, one that will ultimately allow our community to continue to expand even further and open many new and exciting doors for us and you.

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