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keep an eye out for Daniel's rocks

Little Daniel Teggart is ready to go and has been now for sometime. You will have seen several posts as we gear up to get going with Walk A Million 2021.

He has been hard at it for months and he hasn't been waiting for it all to begin and has been getting his rocks all the across the country and beyond in his attempts get folk signing up and joining us for the summers activities.

Join Daniel and us today

His rocks have this week been turning up all over the place and have been spotted in England with people finding them in Canterbury West Gate Tower , Stoke City football Ground. Here at home they have shown up on Slemish Mountain In County Antrim , Struell Wells and Quoile Pondage in Downpatrick aswell as Castlewellan and Glasswater Forest.

It's going to be an epic summer for ourselves and for Daniel and his rocks, we have promised him they'll be turning up everywhere and we will be taking them with us on the road, everywhere we visit.

If you want a rock, contact us and will get one to you , we've four months of helping Daniel and can't wait.

Well done sir , keep up the good work Daniel

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