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Roger Casement

Our final mention of Saturday's event and it goes out to all at Roger Casements GAC.

On behalf of everyone at ALPS we just wish to write to you all to show our appreciation to each and every one of you at Roger Casements GAC for everything you done in allowing us to host our event this last weekend.

From the very beginning the club got behind us and made all so easy to arrange on and off the pitch, because of you all every detail was taken care off and the event ran so smoothly.

We are truly indebted to you for all of your support of ALPS.

It is our pleasure to be in your community now in Portglenone and we are humbled by the welcome we have received in the village.

Our move into Portglenone was planned for a while but our offices opened practically over night when the need arrived.

We look forward with great anticipation to further imbedding ourselves into all aspects of life within the village and creating further linkages with Roger Casements moving forward.

As a club you've set the bar high and maybe in the not to distant future we will be back knocking to see how much higher we can reach with another event.

Once again just a word of thanks for everything.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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