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too good not to share

Out of the blue we received a message from Daniel's mum and just like that we've got our first participant of Walk a Million 2021 all signed up and on board.

Little Daniel Teggart is hard at work already preparing himself to get back out there with his Rocks this summer whilst clocking up the miles with his family.

The blue ones from last year are gone but the rocks are back and they have now been given a makeover for 2021.

Walk a Million Walking 1 million steps for our Mental Health, From Mental Health Week to World Suicide Prevention Day will commence once again on May 16th thru to September 10th

Registration opening in April.

We have tasked Frank to start the ball rolling and he has now commenced signing up clubs and organisations to once again join us on our summer adventure. But don't wait on his call If you belong to a GAA , soccer or any sporting club, Business or organisation, community group or school and want to get involved and support us with this once again please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We would love to hear from you and have you onboard

We know that our friend Daniel is excited and so are we. Roll on summer 2021.

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