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Welcome back ray

We are delighted to have this man back up and at it and on the road once again. After a stint on the sidelines through Covid restrictions and a period of health concerns Ray was present again with us at the weekend, the first time we had seen him in approximately 1 year.

We are so fortunate to have one of the countries leading Suicide Prevention Facilitators in our ranks and it's great to have him back to reintroduce QPR Accredited Suicide Prevention training to the community once again.

As an organisation we are now taking bookings from all across the country for the return of this training and should you wish to avail of it for your school, business or community please get in touch via

Rays next outing with the QPR will be The 22nd when he has a full 7 days training ahead of him in counties Derry, Antrim, Down and a few stops in Monaghan.

Good to have you back sir.

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