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World Health Organisation

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The Alps team come from all across the country and although currently it's very hard for us all to come together we have recently been taking part in additional training. Up skilling ourselves and keeping abreast of the relevant worldwide teachings in the field of Suicide Prevention.

Under the direction of Ray Cullen, the first to complete we are all currently making our way through the World Health Organisations learning modules on Engaging Communities in Preventing Suicide.

Aside from Ray and following his leadership so far to complete with him are Frank Diamond and Bronagh Reid.

In addition to this then our latest addition to the team, our Student Katie Logue took on this course in the last few weeks and has now received her first qualification in Suicide Prevention.

Well done guys on all your hard work.

As an organisation we are all signed up and every one of us at ALPs, both out front and behind the scenes will participate and complete this certificate over the weeks ahead ensuring all of us are on the same page and learning everything together.

Hopefully very soon we will be back, with our friends from Talk To Tom and Live and Learn putting some of the teaching we have all learnt into practice engaging our communities like we have been doing now for several years with our accredited Suicide Prevention trainings and activities.

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