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As an organisation we have developed our service with the view to help all of the community. We have developed services for families, children and young people, schools, the community, the clergy and the Travelling Community. We do this by working in partnership with many organisations and individuals.

Our Services

Family Support

Is made up of a team of counsellors, family support workers and other healthcare professionals, they work in our communities assisting all in matters involving mental health and suicide prevention.

We offer a range of services including Mentoring, Counselling, CBT. Play Therapy, Trauma  Services as well as offering advice and support on a vast array of issues to meet the needs of the community.

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Educational Services 

In Partnership with our sister project Live and Learn we provides high quality education programmes which respect and build on existing strengths and skills of participants, providing opportunities for learning and progression.


The service provides opportunities for youth and adults in emotional wellbeing, mental health awareness suicide prevention and mindfulness.


In addition to this we have developed programmes for schools, colleges and youth clubs to promote positive wellbeing. 

Established to work with marginalised young people from right across the community.

In partnership with many community and voluntary groups we have developed projects so that all young people can participate in youth work activities thus enhancing their personal and community development skills, enabling them to take greater control of their lives. 

Youth Services 

Traveller Specific

Created in 2017 by ALPS but now run in partnership with TAS our Traveller Specific service was implemented to meet the needs of the Traveller Community in all aspects of their daily lives.

This services provides structured programmes for children, parents and others, we encourage participation and promote greater cultural awareness.


In addition to this we also provide a range of service to Travellers in the prison system, assisting them in their rehabilitation and to help them build a better life for themselves outside of custody.

Clergy Specific

This service was developed in partnership with all the major Christian institutions – by working with the senior heads of these churches we have implemented a dedicated service to allow them to explore, educate and promote mental wellbeing within these organisations.


We arrange training, events and activities sympathetic to their religious beliefs. This service has been implemented in many Diocese throughout Ireland.

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