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Skills For Safer Living


The Skills for Safer Living program is a combination of a twenty week skills based group and a peer support group for individuals with recurring thoughts and behaviour’s about suicide. It provides group participants the opportunity to develop specific strategies and skills to identify, interrupt and to change their behaviour about suicide .

  1. Individuals must have a minimum of one self reported suicide attempt

  2. Individuals must have stable housing

  3. Individuals must be connected to some type of a support in the community (Doctor, Social Worker, Therapist, Case manager, etc.)

  4. Individuals’ use of substances (street drugs, alcohol) must not impair their ability to participate in the group

  5. Individuals must be able to get to the group and be able to participate for the duration of the group (approximately 5 months)

At the conclusion of the twenty-week skills group, participants will be invited to attend an ongoing peer support group that provides participants the opportunity to practice and refresh the skills they have learned.

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