After the success of our first Walk A million in 2020 we are returning once again in 2021. 


Starting 16th May thru September 10th.  


Firstly on behalf of all of us behind this challenge, we wish to thank you for your registration and for joining us on what promises to be a very exciting journey. This summer you will be stepping out across the nation and in doing so you will be helping us change the lives of people throughout the country by joining our crusade of actively getting the community to promote all things Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

The Walk a Million Challenge is a wonderful community initiative of active, supportive and determined steppers.


We are delighted that you have decided to accompany us on this journey.

What are we asking you to Do ?

We are all different shapes and sizes but for the average person one million steps is approximately 500 miles. Yes folks we are asking you to walk almost 500 miles over the summer period but fear not, over the period of 117 days which is the length of this challenge this breaks down to just over 8500 steps on average each day if you are doing this on your own.


Many of you joining us will also be accompanied by family or as part of a team, so in the case between you, you will decide who does what to ultimately take you to your target of one Million. However one person should take the lead and be the person to record the steps of the group.  


Every step counts. So whether it’s pulling shapes on the dance floor, rambling through the countryside, walking around the office, doing the housework or even visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night do remember to have your step counter with you, they all go towards your one million step goal.

Upon completion of this challenge your registration ensures that you will receive a Certificate of Achievement, free T-shirt and a pendant for all your endeavours. (1 of each per ticket ordered)

Remember why you are doing this and the subject that it is for. Every step you take will be a move towards a stronger, more confident you.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Stay Accountable

It is common knowledge that once we tell people we are going to do something that we are more likely to stick to it. So in doing this challenge we ask you to tell everyone that you know that you have signed up to complete the Walk A Million Challenge, post onto all your social media platforms all about your objectives for the summer.


As part of this challenge we have created a new Facebook like page that will be updating everyone right throughout this journey.


So please remember to sign yourself into this group to meet all your fellow walkers from right across the country.  Please add yourself by clicking here. 

Recording steps 

This is a personal challenge and we will not be calculating your steps.


Each person is responsible for tracking their own steps and must be able to show evidence of this for completion.

Keeping on top of your steps using a smartphone is by far the easiest way to track your activity. There are many different types and variations of free apps or those with a subscription that you can source, but If you need help finding the best app suited to you please get in touch with us at info@alpsltd.org and we will sort you out. 

If you would rather use a physical pedometer or activity tracker then those are great too. You can buy a decent pedometer for less than £10, or spend a little more on something a bit more advanced.

Then keep a log of your daily steps via this very  simple calendar we have created for you if you wish.

Click here to download. 

We will be using our Facebook portal and our website to allow people to upload their photos of themselves out walking and to update on their distances to date.

A new addition to Walk a Million 2021 will be a progress chart, and if you wish for others to see your progress you can send us your steps weekly via info@alpsltd.org

We will calculate and publish these weekly on our website.

Further more for 2021 we have introduced Strava Club and upon registration you will be invited to join if you so wish.

We have one request that throughout your challenge that you do take some photographs and send them to us so we can share them with all of our dedicated team and followers. 

What happens upon registration. 

Throughout the lifespan of this challenge we will be keeping you up to date with all activities. In the weeks that follow your registration we will email you with further information prior to the commencement of the challenge 

finally please complete the form below to Lock in your registration and get starteD. IF YOU REQUIRE Any further assistance please contact us at info@alpsltd.org

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