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After the success of our first Walk A million in 2020 we are returning once again in 2021. 


Starting 16th May thru September 10th.  


Firstly on behalf of all of us behind this challenge, we wish to thank you for your registration and for joining us on what promises to be a very exciting journey. This summer you will be stepping out across the nation and in doing so you will be helping us change the lives of people throughout the country by joining our crusade of actively getting the community to promote all things Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

The Walk a Million Challenge is a wonderful community initiative of active, supportive and determined steppers.


We are delighted that you have decided to accompany us on this journey.


We are off and running, walks have commenced and already folk are out all over the country and sending in their photos.

We have been out all over the country and we've received photos from you lot in the Mournes, the Sperrins, the North coast and Walk A Million on day one has even made it to the steps of Stormont.

Day two is drawing to a close and if your keeping up you will have now passed over 17,000 steps. It was great to see folk out again tonight.

The Mournes seem to be attracting the attention of some of our walkers and over the last three days yous have been in Castlewellan, Silent Valley, Tyrella Beach and in the mountains themselves.

It's fantastic to see these amazing places you's have been visiting and some very spectacular photos.