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Alps creates Partnership with Downpatrick Football Club

Alps - All Lives Are Precious and Downpatrick Football Club to raise mental health awareness.

Getting involved and embedding ourselves into the everyday activities within the community is all what ALPs is about.

The reason for it being set up was to answer the need of the community and now that we are here we will seek to engage everyone in our project, services and activities. In addition to this we will always assist those that we serve.

And today we give back and are delighted to announce that ALPs has created a partnership with Downpatrick FC to provide them with pastoral support, training and resources for all of their players, parents and team coaches whilst also offering them a meaningful program of activity promoting positive well-being.

This is a very exciting opportunity for us and we look forward with great anticipation to the journey that lies ahead. We would like to thank Paul Moore, Tony Mc Shane, Paddy, Eugene,Tommy and all behind Downpatrick FC for allowing us to get involved and for selecting us to work with.

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