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ALPS secures funding for TAS Prison Programme

To most people that follow us, this logo is not known, for a long time now it's been our organisations best kept secret. However from today we can share it and shout about it from the rooftops.

Since the creation of ALPs we have had a dedicated worker in place in the confines of Maghaberry Prison establishing the Traveller Advocacy Service, initially for the first two years this was in a voluntary capacity but over the last ten months we have received minimal funding to run a pilot programme assisting and advocating on behalf the Traveller community whilst in custody.

The pilot ended on March 31st and we are pleased to announce we have secured the contract and will be funded to the Tune of £20,102 to remain in the prison to fully operate the Traveller Advocacy Service for a further 12 months.

Up until now this service has been operated by one person, but it has become an Integral part of our work. By having a worker in this establishment It has brought ALPs to a place whereby it is now a recognised service provider countywide. It is with pleasure that we can now announce that by securing this contract it not only allows our organisation to grow it will actually secure our long term future moving forward.

We wish to thank the department of justice for putting their trust in ourselves to run this service and everyone that has helped us with this programme over the past number of months. As an organisation we have been. In the prison 2 days per week working very quietly but tirelessly to ensure this would be a success and we look forward with great anticipation to the future expansion of it.

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